International summer
mathematical school
in memoriam V.A. Plotnikov

Odessa National University
after I. I. Mechnikov
Odesa, Ukraine
11-16 June 2018
Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of


Participants category Fee
Participants from Ukraine, CIS countries and from the far abroad 600 UAH
Postgraduate students and undergraduates
350 UAH
Attendants 50 UAH

Arrangement fee can be paid:
  • by a bank transfer:
    • Reciever: LTD «South scientific forum»
    • Code: 37008068
    • Bank of recipient: Universal Bank
    • MFO: 322001
    • Account of recipient:26008001317465
    • Purpose of payment: arrangement fee
             First Name Second Name Surname
             for holding summer school
  • directly during the registration.